Case study

Startup needs for a local restaurant.


About Hummingbird Nutritious Eats

When the owners of Hummingbird were gearing up to open their first restaurant, they came to me with a laundry list of digital needs. They wanted help with everything from branding and websites to logos, menus, signage, and social media templates. I was happy to help, and over the next two months, I worked with the owners and a few makers to get everything up and running.

Project Process

Brief first, then solution

When it came to the design of their digital product, Hummingbird owners Chris and Matt were open to new ideas. They were willing to let the design thinking process take hold, and this was crucial to the project's success. One of the most important steps was meeting with them for initial requirements sessions. This allowed us to get a clear understanding of their vision for the project and to build a strong foundation for the design.

Communication was also key throughout the project. I kept in close contact with the owners, and they were always willing to provide feedback. This was essential in ensuring that I was meeting their needs and that the final product was exactly what they wanted. I was also able to get new media like table labels, digital screen menus, wall art, and more, thanks to their constant feedback.

Development & Delivery

Despite having limited resources, I was able to accomplish a great deal for Hummingbird Nutritious Eats. With a small budget and a one-man project timeline, I was able to design and build a website that was fully integrated with ordering platforms. I also created a cohesive brand identity across all marketing materials, including menus, banners, and event collateral. This was all made possible through close collaboration with the owners and local printers, as well as our ability to stay on top of deadlines and communicate effectively with vendors.


Launch & Lunch

With the dedication, hard work, and collaboration between the Hummingbird team and I, Hummingbird Nutritious Eats was able to launch successfully. Today, they proudly serve the Haverhill, MA area with healthy food in an outstanding and sustainable environment. The deliverables for this project were wide-ranging, including websites, branding, digital menus, physical signage, and more. I am proud to continue our successful working relationship with Hummingbird Nutritious Eats to this day.

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