Assembly Row is a developing neighborhood and lifestyle center. Mystic Perks is their trackable digital solution to discount cards for their community of employees and residents. I designed the user flows, experience, and interaction.


Objective ― Make a simple, intuitive substitute for physical cards to display at point of sale.

My Role ― UX and UI Design. I worked in tandem with my developer friend Adam.


Deliverables ― Adaptive web app hosted on google firebase.

Conclusion ― Working with Adam enabled me to fully utilize my UX skills while he handled all the backend coding. Assembly Row was very happy with their product and continue to use it to this day.

Prompt ―

Assembly Row wanted to change from handing out a plastic card to a digital solution. The card was used for resident and employee discounts at the various restaurants and shops in Assembly Row. They wanted to take the card out of the wallet and put it on the phone. They also needed a more intelligent way to track where the card was being used and how often. It was also a requirement to fit in with the current branding of Assembly Row, while still putting a twist on the mystic perks program.

User Stories ―

For the most part there was really one user flow that would capture 99.9% of the traffic to the app. Residents or employees would be given a piece of marketing material suggesting they save the web app to their home screen, then users would provide an email address once along with information about where they work or live to verify that they were employees or residents. After that they would forever have access to the list of deals to use. The admins at Assembly Row were not concerned about security, and even encouraged the sharing of this app to collect more emails for marketing purposes as well as to attract more business to them instead of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Once users access the list, they can select the deal from a vendor and show the following "card screen" to get the discount. Vendors were also able to input unique content onto this page like a QR code for point of sale scanning.

Admin & Analytics ―

Admin users had access to a secure backend where they can add new perks, manage users, POS interactivity, resident/employee options, exports of user email data, and more. There is also a custom analytics dashboard showing how often users view each deal and which deals are trending over days, weeks, and months of time. It also shows which users are the highest users of the Mystic Perks app.

Results ―

The users have given very positive feedback on the new app experience and once out initial training was complete we were able to hand off the app to Assembly Row and allow them to use it without continued support from us. We have handled a few admin feature requests from time to time, but overall it was a great project with a great outcome.