Mystic Perks

Mystic Perks

The folks at Assembly Row handed out a plastic card that was used for discounts for the people living and working there. They wanted to take the card out of the wallet and put it on the phone. They also needed a more intelligent way to track where the card is being used and how often.

I sat down at the Assembly Row offices to discuss bringing their Mystic Perks program onto a digital platform. They were very excited about using new technology for their program. We landed on Google's firebase to host the web application.

After designing the UI and making sure the user flows worked properly, we also built an administrative console where the Assembly Row employees could manage users, deals, and view usage statistics. This enables them to use data to support their sales pitches to local businesses as well as add another "perk" to someone moving into the area's apartment complex.

Client: Assembly Row
Skills: UI & UX Design
Category: Digital Apps