Homegrown Host is an event planning company specializing in high end southern events hosted by women. I created the brand and identity along with some marketing material.


Objective ― Make a logo, business cards, and stationary templates from scratch that expresses the values and emotion of the company.

My Role ― Sole creative. I was responsible for every step of the process on my own.


Deliverables ― EPS logo, business cards, and stationary templates.

Conclusion ― After a few iterations back and forth with the decision maker Amy, we were both happy with where the brand landed.

Research ―

When looking for imagery for this brand I was given the direction "find something that represents southern hospitality". A quick google showed that the official symbol of southern hospitality is the pineapple. That along with a floral design and a handwritten font were what I needed to convey that southern high end feeling.

Brainstorming & Sketching ―

To start out, I sketched a few different options for the look, feel, and weight of the floral designs and pineapples before putting them into illustrator. Once I found a few good options for each and some nice combinations of handwritten fonts with the same weights, I went back to Amy to further discuss which, if any, preferences she had towards a certain design.

One of the main selling points of the branding for me was the offsetting of colors. The slightly offset outlines from the fill colors gives the beginning of a visual language that can be propagated through many different mediums from marketing materials to websites. Between that and finding the correct weight and busyness in the pineapple itself, we were off to a great start.

Colors & Fonts ―

The color and font choices were all geared towards one goal. Homegrown and handwritten. The font I landed on for the logo is actually a combination of a few handwritten fonts with some slight modifications to the glyphs to maintain a constant weight. The colors are soft and comfortable pastels with a high contrast to the black outlines of the pineapple and floral line. The content of things like business cards and body content are Futura for a strong sharp font for when it is time to get down to business.

Results ―

Amy and I were both very satisfied with the results of the branding and materials I provided. Personally, I was excited to work on such a different project from the usual tech companies that I am used to working with. This gave me a chance to explore a different section of culture and industry, and I genuinely enjoyed the research and learning about the southern hospitality industry.